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Health care in the United States is provided by a complex mix of public and private entities, with health care facilities and providers largely owned and operated by private companies.

The United States spends more on healthcare than any other country, both in absolute terms and as a percentage of GDP[1]. However, this spending does not necessarily translate into better overall health outcomes compared to other developed countries.


Our cardiologists, cardiac surgeons and specialized caregivers are on the forefront of discovery and improving patient outcomes.

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Cedars-Sinai a une longue tradition de recherche de pointe en cardiologie et en chirurgie cardiaque. Nous nous efforçons d'améliorer la vie des personnes souffrant de maladies cardiaques.

We are proud to be one of the top ranked orthopedic programs.

Whether you're trying to get back in the game or simply get to your car, you can trust the orthopedic care that professional athletes choose.

Diagnostic studies

The center is equipped with modern, high-quality equipment, enabling you to carry out various types of functional and diagnostic studies of the cardiovascular system.

The use of state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment enables us to study the functional and anatomical characteristics of the heart and blood vessels within a few hours, and to identify diseases in their earliest stages.

Heart Team

Being a doctor requires knowledge, skill and effort. But it is the interests of each specialist that can ensure the success of the treatment. And in a team of the same professionals, any difficulties can be overcome.

Ugra's paediatric cardiac surgery department began to take shape in the autumn of 1998 - the Cardiocenter's doctors performed the first heart operation on a child.

Then, and now, the specialists are striving to reach European standards of assistance.

How to find the best medical care in 2023.

For more than three decades, U.S. News & World Report has annually updated its Best Hospitals rankings to help people find the best care when they need it most.

Our team of data journalists analyzes millions of hospital visits and admissions to identify the best hospitals in 10 pediatric specialties, 15 adult specialties and 21 procedures and conditions.


Saul Goodman

Good afternoon I would like to express my deep gratitude to the doctors and all the medical staff, who, with their professionalism, restore health and faith to patients!!!!

Sara Wilsson

I wanted to leave a note of thanks from our entire extended family - me and our 4 sons.

Jena Karlis

From the bottom of my heart, I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to the head of the otolaryngology department for helping my daughter.


Our Medical staff are the best and outstanding workers in their field.

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